There are two different varieties of Apricot Kernel Essential Oil – one used for cosmetic purposes and the other for culinary consumption. This oil has high levels of vitamin E, vitamin K, and several powerful antioxidants, such as caffeic acid and various catechins, all of which lead to the many health benefits of this oil.

Apricot Kernel Essential Oil Benefits:


  • Non-greasy moisturizer.
  • A good remedy for inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Moisturizes skin.
  • Firms & tones skin.
  • Reduce face wrinkles.
  • Great massage oil.
  • Protects skin from sun damage.
  • Eye makeup remover.
  • For oil cleansing.


  • Retains Moisture in Hair
  • Stimulates Hair Growth

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Apricot Kernel Essential Oil

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